Datsun 240z

The body tub is manufactured as a complete FRP Monocoque and is designed to out perform the original steel shell with
regards to Strength and stiffness.

Steel tubing is incorporated in the laminate
going from bulkhead, up the screen pillars through roof perimeter etc.

The Inner sills and rear quarters are double skinned, similar to the original steel shell, but incorporating high density foam cores to improve structural rigidity.

As with all our FRP Shells, they come with all the body panels. doors, bonnet/hood, tailgate etc.
All of which are available separately upon request.

All the body tubs we manufacture are custom made to meet the needs and requirements of the customers specifications.

Depending on your application we can modify the FRP lay up
of the body tubs / panels to suit your project.

Pictures are available of the insides/mount points on request


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Body Panels